She took me to an auction and instructed me not to move, nod my head or even say a word.

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Don’t let anyone call you boring ever again

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It might be time to read them again

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1. Antifragile by Nassim Taleb

You could try taking this approach

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Ditch the ceremony of reading

You don’t always have to be better off to reap the benefits

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We compare to learn from others

It’s rarely ever the same experience

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When Mundane Moments Turn Into Moments of Joy

Knowing when to use them is another

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Try doing this if you want a unique reading experience

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As someone who went to business school, these books offered a refreshing perspective.

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Your financial health doesn’t have to affect your mental health

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Kevin Lee

I write to provide a different perspective one article at a time. Topics include self-improvement, lifestyle, and personal finance. Former investment analyst.

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