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My buddy started his career a couple of years later than I did.

I was fortunate enough to get employed 3 months after graduation, but he struggled. His bachelor’s degree was in Forestry. And despite achieving stellar grades, it didn’t make him any more employable.

After a year and a…

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I nearly choked on my falafel.

We were sitting in a Leon — a fast-food chain where a full meal would cost around £10. The place was pretty much empty when we arrived. There were a handful of other diners in a place that could have seated maybe 70.


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There are few occasions where people are happy to sell at a loss.

The second-hand market offers an interesting value proposition. So much so that every year there seems to be a new platform looking to help people sell the crap…I mean the things they accumulated and don’t want anymore.

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Ever since I met my buddy back in college, he made it abundantly clear that he wanted to work in Asia. It was his dream to live in that part of the world. …

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Living your life through other people has a bad rep.

It’s a problem when you only live through others.

So if you’re relatively happy with your life and you’re going after what you want personally, there is frankly a lot of upside in finding people to live through.

And it…

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The ability to network is often touted as a superpower.

But it really isn’t.

Unless you’re playing an extremely short-term game and want an immediate payoff, there are no superpowers involved. You can easily build and maintain a powerful professional network over time without overextending and asking too much of…

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I thought he was joking.

But after the eighth or ninth complaint, I started taking him more seriously. We even got several second opinions just to make sure it was a thing.

I thought it was weird when he would ask me to take and retake photos of him every…

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When the pandemic struck, and markets started selling off, I asked my friend what he was going to do. I wanted to know what he was going to do with his existing portfolio and what opportunities he sees going forward.

I expected him to point out some thematic investment ideas…

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Circumstances change.

Last year, like many others, I adopted some new self-care rituals to help myself relax and unwind. I found a new love of reading in the bath. During the winter, this is utter bliss. I would end up feeling relaxed, calm, and content with life. …

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The term side hustle means something different to everybody.

While some people start side hustling to generate a little extra income. Others see it as a way to change their lives completely — it’s an opportunity to redirect a lost career or redefine their identity.

So it’s important to note…

Kevin Lee

I write to provide a different perspective one article at a time. Topics include self-improvement, lifestyle, and personal finance. Former investment analyst.

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