Just make sure you’re ready for it

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It’s time to recognize when we’ve done something right

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It’s not about facing your fears

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So should we give them a little credit?

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When one fear dominates, you can create. When the other prevails, you can’t.

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  1. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). — “What if I actually tried (harder)?”
  2. The Fear of Failure. — “What if it sucks?”

Translation: I was playing the wrong game…

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You’re supposed to be writing for readers! It doesn’t matter if writers don’t read your work.

Becoming part of the community

I hear what you’re saying but isn’t that obvious?

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Options, Instructions, and Optional Instructions

It’s not about the number of views or the money I make

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It’s Time to Think Bigger

She took me to an auction and instructed me not to move, nod my head or even say a word.

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Not everything done right is done intentionally

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Kevin Lee

Lover of life and coffee. Bit of a dabbler. Former investment analyst turned pseudo-intellectual. Seeking to provide a different perspective.

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