He always spent more on food, gadgets, and travel than I ever did, even when he earned less.

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Sure, have a life of your own but don’t feel bad for living through others. Sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do.

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Different is Fascinating

With patience and a little effort, you will eventually be part of a very powerful network.

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The hilariously sad tale of a man that just wants to find love

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Even though he was an equity research analyst for many years

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Routines have a habit of being broken

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These are some of the self-imposed hurdles of an idealized side hustle

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Write what you can until you can write what you want

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I think I’m finally starting to get it

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I wish I knew these tips before I started playing

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Kevin Lee

I write to provide a different perspective one article at a time. Topics include self-improvement, lifestyle, and personal finance. Former investment analyst.

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