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There are people who silently love their jobs.

It’s not a secret; they just don’t want to brag. It makes them feel a little guilty. So you’ll never see them raving about how great they have it, whether that’s in person or on social media. …

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There are few occasions where people are happy to sell at a loss.

The second-hand market offers an interesting value proposition. So much so that every year there seems to be a new platform looking to help people sell the crap…I mean the things they accumulated and don’t want anymore.

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Living your life through other people has a bad rep.

It’s a problem when you only live through others.

So if you’re relatively happy with your life and you’re going after what you want personally, there is frankly a lot of upside in finding people to live through.

And it…

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The ability to network is often touted as a superpower.

But it really isn’t.

Unless you’re playing an extremely short-term game and want an immediate payoff, there are no superpowers involved. You can easily build and maintain a powerful professional network over time without overextending and asking too much of…

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When the pandemic struck, and markets started selling off, I asked my friend what he was going to do. I wanted to know what he was going to do with his existing portfolio and what opportunities he sees going forward.

I expected him to point out some thematic investment ideas…

Kevin Lee

Writing to provide another perspective.

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